Living With Purpose

Red Christmas ornaments sparkling on a full green Christmas tree
By Cameron Fry |

At Trilogy, two of our core values are service and compassion. We pride ourselves in helping our residents live with meaning and purpose, and we achieve this by filling their days with joy. When the holiday season rolls around, our Living Arts program puts these values in to practice. Designed to encourage creativity and refine mental acuity, this program gives our residents a chance to express themselves through artwork. Residents from our communities across the Midwest submit their favorite holiday pieces to be judged by our Home Office team. One resident’s piece is then chosen to grace the front of Trilogy’s holiday card for all to see! We’re excited to announce this year’s winning artist: Geneva H. of Forest Park Health Campus, for her piece, Holiday Decorative Joy! 

As creative as it is breathtaking, Holiday Decorative Joy perfectly captures the spirit and warmth of the giving season. Just from looking at the painting, you can practically smell a rich, freshly cut pine tree, and the glimmering ornaments that hang from it are so recognizable that you could swear that they came from your own home. Geneva’s unique and engaging style is one that has been a lifetime in the making. 

Born in 1943, Geneva discovered her passion for art almost immediately. Painting a picture was as natural to her as drawing a breath. Her teachers, however, felt differently. Geneva was told that she had no talent when it came to art, and that she should dedicate her time to other pursuits. Fully aware of the potential that she possessed, Geneva didn’t listen. Art continued to be a large part of her life, and in 1965, she created an oil portrait of a rose for her mother, which was later inherited by her sister. 

Tragedy struck in 1991 when Geneva was involved in a terrible car accident. Rendered unable to participate in most activities, she picked up her paintbrush once again. Today, Geneva offers oil painting classes in Connersville, IN for those who share her desire to create awe-inspiring pieces of art.

Fittingly, Geneva’s Holiday Decorative Joy will now bring joy into the homes of thousands of people. Although there could only be one winner, our two runner-ups this year are also worth celebrating. Pieces such as Winter Scene by Ruby H. and Oh Christmas Tree by Ann set the tone of the season with their cozy and festive design – a red barn standing tall against the white snow, and a full Christmas tree decorated from top to bottom. 

Initiatives such as the Living Arts program are just one way in which we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. However, we oftentimes find that it’s our customers who exceed our expectations. No two pieces of art have been the same, but each of them have had two common qualities: individuality and creativity. Programs such as Living Arts remind us that everyone we care for is unique, and that each of them need opportunities to express the gifts unique to them.

Thank you to all of our residents who submitted their inspiring works of art and to all of our participating campuses. We can’t wait to see what amazing creations you have for us next year!