Living With Purpose

Grandfather receives a hug from his 8-year-old grandson while his family looks on from a table in the background.
By Brittany Hanson |


You’ve spent so many holidays with your parents, you know exactly what to expect.

Before you even open the door, your nose anticipates that familiar combination of smells – your mom’s famous roast and homemade cookies, your dad’s “special occasion” cologne.  You know that as soon as you’re swept inside, your mom will disappear into the cloud of steam curling towards you from the kitchen, and your dad will deliver both a drink and a patented one-liner, “There she goes, the ghost of Christmas repast!”  

During dinner, you know not to look for your mom in her chair. She’ll be circling the table, asking everyone for the sixth time if they’re sure they’ve had enough. Your dad, though, will go through three plates before he leans back and surveys the room with a wide, satisfied smile. Among all the rotating cousins, the multiplying grandkids, the boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and husbands, your parents are a constant you can rely on. That is, until things start to change.

The roast is forgotten in the oven, and the smell of cologne is replaced with that of musty clothes. Your mom is no longer circling the table. In fact, she seems to be having trouble getting around at all. Your dad picks at his food, barely making a dent in his favorite dishes. They both have trouble remembering who is who, and their fridge, which is normally stocked to the gills, only has expired milk and a few questionable packages of lunch meat. For the first time, you leave their house not filled with joy, but with worry. Where do you go from here? What can you do to help?

Navigating these questions and their answers is difficult, but it’s easier if you work with someone who has your best interests at heart – someone who understands that family comes first, always. At Trilogy Health Services, we believe in treating every senior we serve like family, from the moment they enter our doors. That means that we take the time to get to know them, that we make sure that they’re heard, and that we do everything in our power to preserve their dignity, their individuality, and their happiness. 

At Paddock Springs, our new community located at 2695 Shelden Street in Warsaw, Indiana, we’ll offer Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care services, all delivered by people who are compassionate, understanding, and detail-oriented. Give us a call today at 1-574-299-6929, visit, or stop by for a tour and meet us in person. Our team is here to answer your questions, even if you don’t quite know where to start.