Living With Purpose

An elderly couple play golf on a putting green outside a Trilogy Campus.
By Team Trilogy |
How many times have you looked up from your television to discover that hours have passed, and you have nothing to show for it? There is no better time than now to turn off your television, get up from your easy chair and head outdoors. The sights and sounds of nature are more various and invigorating that any movie or television show.
Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to improve your state of being, both mentally and physically. It is therapeutic to get out into the sunshine, disconnect yourself from your screen and stretch your legs. To start, allowing some sun to hit your skin motivates your body to create vitamin D. Vitamin D’s benefits are numerous and varied. According to Web MD, an increase in vitamin D has been linked to an increase in bone strength, lowered blood pressure, and even a decreased risk of developing some kinds of cancers. However, you don’t have to even be in the sun to benefit from being out of doors. AARP’s website sites studies that have also linked time spent outdoors with better sleep.
Just a small amount of time spent outside can have huge benefits. A 2008 study conducted by University of Michigan researchers showed that people who spent just an hour outside showed an increase in memory performance and attention span. Your time outside could be spent any way you want, with whoever you want. Get your family and friends involved, or spend some time by yourself. Plant something green and watch it bloom, take a walk and take in the sights, play a round of golf, or just roll out a blanket and get lost in a good book.
Immerse yourself in nature, any way you can. When you go back inside, you’ll be healthier, happier, and full to the brim with good memories made out of doors. Now that is time well spent.
We’re always offering outdoor activities for our residents and employees, whether it’s fishing trips, putt-putt on the lawn, or our Campus in Color gardening competition. If you’re interested in seeing just what we have to offer you or a loved one, stop by one of our campuses today!