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Fun picture of bubbles surrounding an employee dressed as a shark with a resident and employee pretending to be scared.
By Team Trilogy |

It’s Shark Week! Swim along with us as we ‘jump the shark’ a bit and give you some advice for choosing the best senior living community with our S-H-A-R-K acronym! (Also, enjoy some of the wonderful Shark Week photos streaming in from our campuses.)

How to choose the perfect senior living community:

Share the journey. Are you interested in finding a home for yourself or a loved one? It’s best to begin your search surrounded by those who know you best and who are invested in your future.

Have a look around. We encourage you to schedule tours of every perspective senior living community on your list. Only by visiting can you get a genuine feel for the atmosphere and care approach offered at a location. Visit often and at different times during the day, especially at meal times.

Ask the important questions. What are you most interested in at a potential community? Are you looking for socialization, wonderful food, a certain type of care, or a chance to make your suite your own? Don’t just ask the professionals you interact with at a community. Seek out current residents and their families. At Trilogy communities, we have Resident and Family Ambassadors who will be a happy to answer any questions you might have!

Revisit your top three choices. Once you narrow your search to the top three, make a pros and cons list for each. If you need to, schedule another tour. This is an important decision, and we want you to make the best choice possible!

Know that you’ve made the right decision! If you’ve done your homework, we know you’ll find the best place for you!


We’d just like to say, we hope it’s with us!

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