Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

Has the yard grown too big or the staircase too tall? Sometimes your home just doesn’t fit you like it used to, or you realize how many belongings you have that you don’t need. Maybe you wonder if you could be living a smarter, more sustainable life. And yet the idea of moving— the stress of going through of all your belongings—seems impossible, or at least too much of a hassle to really even start. Whether you’re moving to a senior community, downsizing to a smaller home, or just trying to get rid of a few extra things around the house, these tips could help set you on the path to less stuff.

Making the hard decisions.
If you are moving or planning on downsizing, it is better to begin going through your belongings early in the process. Be sure to make lists and be methodical about what you need and don’t need. It may be hard to start, so beginning with a smaller room or closet that won’t be overwhelming can be a great way to approach organizing.

When considering what to keep or get rid of, think about what has sentimental value and what is necessary. What things do you use every day, and what brings joy to your life? Get rid of duplicate items and unused appliances. Let go of anything with negative feelings attached to it so that you can be surrounded by things you love.

If you already have a space that you are preparing to move into, make sure to plan for your destination. Are there rooms that you won’t have? Will your furniture be the right size? If you often have trouble getting rid of objects, try eliminating the “maybe” pile. The longer and more often you handle an item, the harder it is to part with it. Keeping it around as you try to decide will generate more excuses and reasons against letting it go.

What to do with your stuff
Having family or friends help you go through your stuff presents a great opportunity to give them gifts and let them have some of your treasured belongings that you no longer have a place for. Other memorable objects such as collections or photos can be used as decoration or condensed into forms such as scrapbooks or digitized pictures so that they can still be appreciated but take up less space.

If you are interested in selling what you are getting rid of, consider different methods such as posting items on websites or holding a yard sale. If there is anything of value, you will want to have it appraised or sell it to an antique shop. Donating items can be a great way to give them another use and help others in need as well. Look for local charities and thrift stores, and research what objects they take, as well as whether or not they offer free pick-up.

Moving and/or simply getting rid of your belongings can be stressful and difficult. Give yourself time to think things over, and don’t be afraid to get professional help from someone such as a senior move manager if you need it. If you are considering moving to a Trilogy Senior Living Community, we will be happy to refer you to the right professionals so that you can make the move and look forward to a less cluttered home and life.