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How do I know that the time is right for my loved one to transition to a senior living facility?

  • Tasks that were once simple are now laborsome
  • Weight loss/lack of appetite
  • Less mobility/trouble getting around
  • The house is unkempt and laundry is piling
  • Difficulty managing their medications
  • Personal appearance and hygiene are lacking
  • Loneliness or need for socialization
  • Lack of interest or motivation
  • No longer able to drive

How do I talk to my loved one about making this transition?

We recommend identifying your loved one’s fears and concerns that they face on a daily basis, some of which you may have already identified as a family. Our senior care professionals are always available to talk to your loved one and to your family about our services. We will visit in the home, hospital or at our campus when your family is ready to make a decision. We recommend coming to our campus to take a tour as part of your decision-making process.

We enjoy meeting with your loved one to discuss the options available and assist them with the decision to move. Our staff can also review financial options, as there are several ways to assist with financing long-term care.

A physician may be a resource to review the benefits of moving into a retirement community. These benefits include medication administration, assistance with activities of daily living, 24-hour security and rehabilitation to name a few. Many people find value from a physician recommendation, lessening the responsibility of the move on the family.

Often, hospital discharge planners begin discussing a short-term rehabilitation stay or long-term care with your loved one and they may invite someone from our campus to visit with you and your loved one to discuss available options.

A bank trust officer, attorney, long-term insurance agent, pastor, or close friend are also people who may provide guidance and insight.

The following may also be helpful when initiating conversation:

  • Discuss their socialization needs with them (e.g. Would you enjoy being able to visit with others when you wanted to, yet still have privacy when you don’t feel like being social?)
  • Plan ahead for the conversation and be prepared with facts and financial information at hand
  • Discuss the benefits of feeling safe and having piece of mind, both for the resident and for their family members
  • Discuss the timeline for moving
  • Ask for feedback and support from your loved one
  • Ask for suggestions from family members

Does insurance or Medicare cover the costs?

This is dependent upon variables such as a recent hospital stay, a physician’s recommendation or order, and the clinical services you require. We are happy to review your insurance policies and explain coverage to you. Please contact a health campus in your area for additional information.

My parent does not need as much assistance right now but may in the near future. Do you accommodate a wide spectrum of needs at your facility?

Yes. We provide the following levels of support: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Services, Memory Care, Rehabilitation Services, Transitional Care, Adult Day Services/Respite Care, Home Health Services and Hospice Services. Services vary by location so please contact campuses in your area for specific services offered.

My loved one has Alzheimer’s disease. What services do you have in place to accommodate those with memory challenges?

We have specially trained caregivers who understand the issues related to memory loss. We design programs that are sensitive to the needs of each individual and provide a host of daily activities designed to stimulate memories. Click here to read more about the use of art with Alzheimer’s disease patients.

My loved one has recently suffered a fall and, while he is in great shape mentally, he is dealing with significant physical challenges. Do you offer short-term rehabilitation services?

Yes. Our Home Again rehabilitation service will pamper your loved one as he or she undergoes physical, occupational or speech therapy. Our patients have access to some of the most modern equipment, using innovative therapy approaches with proven results.

Click here for more information.

Since I live out of town, I’d like the ability to communicate with my loved one via email and other Internet-based services. Is your facility well equipped with technology that will allow for easy communication?

Yes. We offer Internet service in the common areas of the campus and in select locations in resident suites.