Campus in Color

When residents first come to us, each is interviewed so that we may tailor individual and group opportunities to support their preferences. We do this because we not only want to provide our residents with a beautiful place to live, but to engage them in programs and experiences in ways that are meaningful and provide purpose. These programs are offered as part of our Trilogy Service Standards, and are present at every Trilogy campus.

All of our residents have the opportunity to engage in experiences that promote vitality, community connections, lifelong learning and provide opportunities for creative expression. Consider some of our Inspired Living communities Signature programs.

Living Arts

Living Arts is our creative arts program that encourages emotional expression through creativity. Our “Medium of the Month” format encourages exploration of a variety of art forms from paper art to ceramics to performance art. Residents can even submit their art to be judged for a chance to see their work featured on company note cards, birthday cards, and holiday cards! Our yearly art walks showcase our residents’ creations and gives them a chance to share their talents with community members. It’s amazing to see how much this program can bring out the artist in each of our residents. 

Live a Dream

A person’s wishes and lifelong dreams are as unique as they are. Some may dream of a hot air balloon ride or of reuniting with a long-lost friend, while others wish for something as simple as a spa day or attending a ballgame. No matter what they may be, our campus leaders are always encouraged to identify and grant such desires. With the generous support of our campus team members, and through partnerships with local businesses and the Trilogy Foundation we’ve seen a number of dreams come true.

Campus in Color

There’s nothing like taking pride in where you live, and our Campus in Color gardening competition allows our residents the chance to celebrate and be recognized for the part they play in beautifying their home. Through the creative planting of flower beds, courtyards and campus grounds, residents not only get the chance to showcase their gardening talents, but also to share their beautiful creations with family, friends and the entire community.

Summer Field Trips

Trilogy knows that being outdoors is stimulating to both the mind and body. Because of this, Trilogy designates funds every summer, and throughout the year, to ensure residents have the opportunity to experience their communities through summer field trips. Residents will experience museums, theaters, zoos, train rides, sporting events and local attractions. For those in our campuses who cannot or do not wish to travel, we will bring the field trip to them by utilizing funds to offer additional experiences such as petting zoos or special entertainment.

Quarterly Theme Weeks

During our quarterly Theme Weeks, our campuses undergo a transformation based on a theme, such as “Vive la France!” or “Peace, Love and Music.” Our dining rooms and common areas are decorated, and our residents are treated to special entertainment and activities surrounding the theme of the week. The week caps off with a Themed Dinner on Thursday and a Happy Hour on Friday! You can check out more of the activities that surround our Themed Dinner on our Dining Services page

Taste of the Town

Taste of the Town is a dining program that provides residents an opportunity to sample the offerings of area restaurants without having to leave the campus. Our dining area is decorated with items from the restaurant such as napkins, cups or menus in order to bring the specific restaurant atmosphere to the campus. This program occurs monthly, and we encourage our residents to participate in our Chef’s Circle to recommend their favorite restaurant for this program.

Family Nights

This is a time for residents, family and staff to come together for a night of fun and laughter. A quarterly event, Family Night offers amazing activities, entertainment and some great refreshments created by our campus chefs.

Happy Hour

Friday afternoon is Happy Hour! Every Friday afternoon between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., our residents can enjoy engaging activities and entertainment while mixing and mingling. This event has the makings of a real Happy Hour, complete with appetizers and cold beverages.

Sunday Brunch

This family event takes place monthly and allows our residents and their loved ones time to enjoy a family meal together. Meals are offered for up to four guests and are specially prepared by our campus chefs.